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Brand Analysis. Strategy Development. Execution.

Find your true North through Steelworks - our innovative cloud-based business assessment that powers our holistic business evaluation. Once we know where you stand, we can forecast where you’re heading, the untapped potential is available at the touch of a button.

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Create a unique proposition to attract and retain your audience

Steel Consulting bring a range of specialist skills to evaluate your brand premise, the position your business occupies in the market and its effectiveness in acquiring and retaining fans. Steel Consulting drive brands forward, measuring marketing impact in both online and offline environments.

Create a culture that allows your talent to thrive

Work with the team at Steel Consulting to unlock the hidden potential in your organisation. Whether that be organisational design, efficiency, effectiveness, or employee engagement. Steel Consulting bring a simple set of tools to drive immediate improvement.

Identify the opportunity to outwit the competition

Work with us to understand your ever-changing competitor landscape and develop a durable plan to attract fans from the competition. Steel Consulting bring you simple, integrated commercial solutions that make a measured difference.

Harness the irresistible impact of guest centric operational planning

Magnetise your business by using something other than standard operating procedures. Steelworks will help you take full advantage of the benefits of guest centric operational planning and provide you with practical examples of how to generate natural, authentic memories for your guest’s time and time again. Steel Consulting also offer a bespoke review service with the agility to assess the effectiveness of your purchasing agreements at pace. Steelworks will then output a savings plan to support you in the assessment of your options.

Move the dial using unique benchmarked data

By utilising Steelworks, Steel Consulting can produce benchmarked cost data to provide insight into your productivity and efficiency against a virtual competitor group. Steel Consulting can introduce or integrate with modern, cloud-based time attendance tools to optimise rosters and mitigate latent time. Steelworks provides precise recommendations, keeping the magnet still whilst shaking the magnetic field around you.

Tap into tried and tested strategies for success

Steel Consulting ensure your key systems are fit for purpose by providing ‘Best in Class’ data which magnetises people, guest experiences and financial returns, all whilst keeping you compliant and safe. Steelworks will reveal any gaps in systems and processes required to drive advocacy, ensure your guests buy direct and you steal more than your fair share.