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Through connected relationships we offer adaptable solutions. With diligence and commitment, our team ensure your business is naturally magnetic through inspiration, presence, and personal connection. We are curious and insightful, creating reasons for your customers to be attracted to you. Our solutions connect you to tried and tested systems and processes, building a natural force throughout the business, your people, and your market sector.

Lodestone is a natural force, authentic, engaging, guest centric, team centric, innovative, human. Like you.

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Steel Consulting

You need a business assessment. A full 360 view of your hotel systems, operational efficiencies, your purchasing power and how your hotel website is performing. Once we know where you stand and we can forecast where you’re heading, the untapped potential is available at the touch of a button. Find your true North through Steelworks. Our innovative cloud-based business assessment that enables holistic business evaluation.

Leyline Property

Commercial property services There is a reason we are drawn to certain places. Whether commercial or residential we find ourselves drawn to a location. Is it emotional, spiritual or a magnetic force that brings us near. leyline property brings you closer, attracts the right buyers, helps you find the perfect commercial property location, the inescapably attractive proposition. Who knows why you are drawn to a place. In all probability it’s a Leyline.

Nickel Sustainability

ESG should never be considered a buzz term for your business. It’s of paramount importance. Your stakeholders are increasingly informing their decisions based on your environmental, social and governance credentials. Nickel the ESG arm of lodestone is dedicated to keeping you on a path that is not only right but true. Magnetic businesses have balance and alignment. Whether diversity, equal pay, carbon emissions or modern slavery, think of it as a small effort crucial to long term value creation and growth. We believe that sustainable growth is the only way to build and have a long-lasting polarised impact on our environment, your business and society.


Dale Coughtrey - Coughtrey Design

A NATURAL LEADER During his time at Warner, David stood out as a natural people leader with real energy, he absolutely had the guest at the heart of his beliefs. He brought tremendous enthusiasm along with fantastic commercial experience, consumer insight and the ability to galvanise people to stretch their thinking and innovate. All of which created an environment of trust, entrepreneurship and high performance. As a believer in valued relationships, he went above and beyond to forge new relationships around the business and within the communities. It was a pleasure to work with David and to hear how passionate he is about his family and the charities that he supports.

Paul Wright - Entertainment & Events Consultant

AN EXPERT IN HIS FIELD I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with David over a number of years. His vision and passion of hospitality is palpable and he is clearly an expert in his field. His ability to consistently drive results and take people with him is second to none. He was open, approachable and constantly willing to share his knowledge, offer guidance, advice and support the wider business and teams to ensure the guests and customers had the best experience. His approach to integrating a seamless experience to the customer from start to finish, enabling teams to deliver and creating a winning culture are all part of my experiences with David. I learned a significant amount in a short space of time from him and still to this day will seek advice from him on integrated propositions. I truly value his opinion.

Roddy Watt - Hotel Management Company

MASTERMINDING SALES AND MARKETING I have recently had the pleasure of working with David on a number of varied projects ranging from assessing the current operations of independent hotels to masterminding sales and marketing planning and deliver of agreed activity. David has been a pleasure to work with in every regard. His is very thorough and well organised in his approach to all projects, entirely reliable and the quality of his output is of the highest order. David is a consummate professional and his knowledge and understanding of the operation of hotels and their operation for profit is well focused and very extensive. David is also a pleasure to work with, is proactive and energetic, and even has that ‘must’ – a good sense of humour! I would highly recommend involving David in any hotel sector related project regardless of scale or complexity. A true professional.

Meet the Lodestone Team

Lodestone is a collective industry leading experts dedicated to providing best in class support to your business. From Hotel marketing to Hotel operations to revenue management systems to outsourced human resources and procurement. Lodestone has the management team your business needs.

David Steel, Founder of Lodestone

David Steel


David, Founder and Managing Partner of Lodestone, is a collaborative leader specialising in building teams and transforming cultures and performance. From internationally branded city centre properties to leading European golf + spa resorts, David has held key leadership roles at several multi-national companies. His strong decision-making qualities and analytical yet creative thought processes, along with his ability to continuously improve results, have led to his established reputation as a trusted leader in the Hospitality Industry.

Gary Garnczarczyk Head of Brand at Lodestone

Gary Garnczarczyk


Gary is a highly experienced hospitality brand consultant. His skillset is simple, he gets brand tonality, believability and contentment. He brings the skillset brought to life across many other sectors including finance, people development/mentoring as well as his first love - hospitality.

Richard Grosvenor, commercial revenue manager

Richard Grosvenor


Rich is our Commercial & Revenue Management brain and has over 24 years’ experience in the hospitality industry across an extensive collection of brands and sectors including Hilton Worldwide, Accor, Macdonald Hotels, Menzies Hotels, City Inn, Travelodge, Mitchells & Butlers PLC, and Whitbread PLC.

Ali Kingsnorth, head of finance at lodestone

Ali Kingsnorth


Ali has over 25 years’ experience in hospitality finance, with specialist knowledge in systems, control and internal audit. She has worked with a variety of hospitality brands from TGI Fridays to LEGOLAND Windsor Resort and De Vere Hotels. She helps managers understand the numbers and what they mean for the business, and how a little control goes a long way to commercial success.

David King, procurement specialist at Lodestone

David King


David specialises in hospitality purchasing cost-reduction packages along with green and renewable projects. His broad skill set and hands-on approach are invaluable to building and delivering market leading long term trading & supplier relationships for both corporate and independent businesses.


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